Remembrance poem A little piece of my heart For half a decade of my life, I've lived without you by my side, Life has changed but what has not Is my love for you - which has grown a lot. How can it grow? I know you say, When you cannot hear him every day, But deep within my heart somewhere Is a part of you which we now share, And to my kids I've passed this on, A part of me, and you, in one, So for every laugh I hear at home, For every giggle, for every drone, For every time I kiss their heads, For every single tear that's shed Is because of you, cos you have lived, And this to us is your greatest gift. Meaningful Words One day Walk up the stairs- one day there may come a time when you are not able; Give up your seat for another - one day there may come a time when you can't stand; Laugh a lot- one day there may come a time when you have nothing to laugh about; Stop yourself from moaning - one day you may have something to moan about. Be happy, wear your best jewellery and appreciate others - one day you may be sat there wishing that it was today Don’t wish your life away One day when I’m old and grey, I’ll sit in my chair and wish it were today, I know my time on earth is borrowed, So I won’t wish it was tomorrow.
Bespoke Poetry Samples Funeral poem Perfect Forever – Extract For a full nine months, We played and talked and sung, We got to feel your little feet, And felt you move your bum! You were showered with little kisses, Cuddles, hopes and dreams, Kicking your little legs, To show you knew you were in our team. We never got to hear you laugh Or see your little smile, But we got to see your lovely face, And cuddle you for a while………. …. Now it's time to say goodbye, but one thing that we all know, There's someone as excited to meet you, As we are sad to see you go. He'll be waiting for you now, To meet our little man, He'll take you in his arms, And cuddle you until we can……….. Wedding poem – Extract For better or for worse, In sickness and in health, The vows you will say on this fine day Mean your not left on the shelf You've both had a practice run, At this marriage lark, You've been together 11 Years, It'll be a walk in the park ………….. Birthday Poem Memories – for an 88th birthday I remember back when I was ten, We'd sit on nature’s marble bench And look at fields and tell a tale, Resting after shifting bales. Spending all year fattening geese, Bullocks having no reprieve, Guessing how many hundred weight Over bacon fuelled breakfast debates. Shotgun bold stood in the shadows Hunting shapes over dark meadows, To stop the morning sinking feeling Of chicken carcasses which leave u reeling. New Year's Day in fresh laid straw Lay little fluffy puppy paws, Which grew to bouncing balls of fun To round the cows they would then run. In the mistle’s hidey holes Peep Kitten noses sniffing bold, And all the cats would lick their lips For Friday dinners fish and chips Bonfire night and homemade toffee, Grandma’s soup and football coffee Were the lovely times that I remember, reliving memories of our November. Bacon cured for longer than lent, Pork pie flavoured jelly scent, Pressed ox Tongue and homemade grub, Potted meat in a metal tub. My favourite memories of them all Were the Saturday morning wake up calls, And off cow banging we would go, The luck money I would have to show Now memories shared sat in your chair, Take me to a place right there, The lovely times that we once had Make me feel grateful and glad. Today two fat ladies would celebrate, That your turning 88, Your life for me is an education, You to me are an inspiration.

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